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Brandmeister won't let me through [closed]

asked 2017-08-20 17:20:45 +0200

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updated 2017-12-10 12:36:41 +0200

When I try to talk on the local repeater, my transmission doesn't get forwarded through the network. When I log in to my dashboard it has my recent transmissions but I can't talk to the others on the repeater that are on the network. One person on there could talk to me fine but when I would listen through Brandmeister he could not hear my transmission.

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answered 2017-08-23 08:58:53 +0200


Please have a look at this page:

If this didnt Please let us know the DMR ID that you are using; the repeater ID; and a screenshot of the last-heard showing your transmission with all columns displayed (including the Session-ID).

You can e-mail me directly if this is more convenient.


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