BM2162 lost inbound and outbound calls [closed]

asked 2017-08-19 18:40:27 +0200

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Hello Guys,

We have a serious problem with bm2162 server. Not possible to make inbound and/or outbound calls in static and dinamic talkgroups. Example for inbound voice: listen TG3100 on hoseline, dinamically connect one repeater to TG3100, on hoseline active conversion with two guys. no voice on the connected repeater. Between two repeaters in BM2162 we can talk on TG3100 we listen each other, but no voice on hoseline or other repeteaters outside BM2162. Also we can't listen TG216 on hoseline. It seems to me BM2162 lost the communication with other BM servers. Do anybody else have similar problem?

73! HA3KZ

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