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I cannot figure out how to sign up my hotspot I am in the process of building. I am registered as a user.

asked 2017-08-13 05:05:02 +0200

I am trying to sign in on a Windows 10 machine with Chrome browser if that makes any difference although it didn't stop me when I registered as a user. I just can't find anything to register a hot spot.

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answered 2017-08-13 20:00:01 +0200

K5GHS gravatar image

You don't need to register it. When you put your information into it (your callsign and DMR ID if it asks) it will then appear under your callsign once it connects to the network. You should register with BM on their dashboard site with your callsign and then when you do connect it, it should appear there and allow you to configure it.

If you make a mistake or changes to it, the new one will show up and the old one will drop off in 30 days. But its tied to your callsign and thus when you register with your callsign it will "link up" with your account once BM sees it make a successful connection to the network.

I had an account before I got my hotspot (I was antsy too!) and it didn't show anything under hotspots. Once I got it connected up and connected to a talkgroup with it for the first time, it appeared and then I could edit the information on it.

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