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Multiple Static TG Resume Time

asked 2017-07-28 04:43:02 +0200

K0WHN gravatar image

My hotspot (openSPOT) is configured for (6) static talkgroups so I can "scan" all of them. Server 3101 does not pause before it changes groups, so it is impossible to join a QSO before the Master has jumped to another TG on the static list (assuming there is another active TG at the time).

Master 3102 misses conversations completely because it pauses almost indefinitely on an active static TG even though there is another static TG in an active QSO.

Is this behavior configurable? I would expect there to be a "delay" or "hangtime" between static groups, as in a scanner to allow the user to key up. 5 seconds would make sense. The Master would then move to the next static group, etc.

Thanks! Bill, K0WHN

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answered 2017-12-06 09:48:04 +0200

No there is no delay as soon as a slot becomes free BM will routing something new there.

If there was RX on one of the talkgroups BM does have a holdoff timer. This timer only kicks in if the slot was used.

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