Hoseline going offline/distorted audio - openspot to blame?

asked 2017-06-26 04:34:41 +0200

AI6VX gravatar image

Hello, up until I received my Openspot, I've been listening to talkgroups on hoseline and participating by hitting a local repeater with my MD-380. Sound quality was always excellent and Hoseline never went offline except after ~ 10 mins or so.

Now I have my Openspot hooked up and Hoseline is going offline all the time (sometime less than a minute), sometimes in a conversation. Also when there is audio, it is frequently full of distortion, dropouts, splatter. THis happens even if the Openspot is not participating in any talkgroup (no LED activity)

Openspot audio on my MD-380 is always perfect when there is something going on, even on the same talk group on my chromebook.

Are the problems I'm having coincidental with the addition of the openspot or real? If real, how can I fix this?

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