Does BM Self-Care propagate to

asked 2017-05-30 19:30:47 +0200

KB6LA gravatar image

Hi there. I have noticed that I can change my radio brand on BM Self-care, and it seems to stay to the radio that I've selected. (Hytera, Motorola, etc.) But if I look at the Dstar self-care account, it is always on ETSI, regardless of what I have set on BM. If I try to change the brand on from ETSI to another brand, it doesn't change, and then it reverts the BM Self-care site to ETSI.

If I am using BM Self-Care, should I not be touching And should I be concerned that isn't changing it to my radio brand? I've been having some audio issues lately (garbled/dropped data), so am fishing for the cause. Thanks.

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