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[Feature request] Is there a parrot feature for texting?

asked 2017-05-20 06:59:47 +0200

KB6LA gravatar image

updated 2017-05-30 15:14:00 +0200

pd0mz gravatar image

Since I use Hytera radios on Motorola repeaters, the texting is hit or miss. It would be great if there were an SMS ID that I could text to in the BM system, and then have a confirmation message parroted back to me if the text worked. It would show that I could get texts out and also get them coming back in, without having to bother someone to text with me while I check settings.

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answered 2017-05-30 07:24:29 +0200

dwh367 gravatar image

On my MD-380 I was able to get this to work simply by selecting "Chinese Radio" in the self care section of the website. No modifications were needed in the radio's codeplug. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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answered 2017-05-25 07:42:52 +0200

KB6LA gravatar image

Thanks for this. I just tried it out on my local repeater (in Los Angeles) with a Hytera. It works - sort of! The text takes a while to send, and then says "Text Failed." But a second later, I get the talkgroup list texted back to me. And then the same text comes to me 4 or 5 times. :)

Interestingly enough, this happens also with the GPS reporting. I can send my location, the radio tells me that the transmission failed, but I can go to and see my updated position.

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answered 2018-02-12 00:15:34 +0200

sq5it gravatar image

Can anyone provide up to date settings of Both hytera pd785 radio and self-care BM page ? Is the RRS required for this?

I have problem - the message fails through the repeater after couple of seconds. I think documenting it in the wiki (when the message fails for example) would be great.

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answered 2017-05-22 10:19:02 +0200

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This is a nice idea. I would appreciate such a special SMS (TMS) ID.

For testing the TMS function I use a feature in the German Brandmeister system. I assume this function is only available in Germany. But have a try:

Send a text-message with the content RPT (lower case letters also work) to the private call ID 262994. As reply from the Brandmeister Network you will instantly receive a text-message on your radio with the list of the statically used talkgroups on the repeater you are working on. It works either on Motorola repeater hardware or on Hytera repeater hardware.

The settings in your radio and in the Brandmeister Selfcare need to be set in an approriate way. I am using Motorola radios and also a TYT MD390 with a second ID. For the Motorola radio I use following settings in the programming tool:

Channels, Compressed UDP Data Header, DMR Standard.

Channels, Text Message Type, Proprietary.

Channels, Data Call Confirmed, checked.

In the BM User Selfcace I set my radio to Motorola.

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