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What is the purpose of the Clusters option ?

asked 2017-04-27 23:03:24 +0200

mi0aaz@gb7ka-repeater gravatar image

In selfcare of my repeater what is the purpose of Clusters and what can i add to this box and what effect does it have on my repeater ?

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answered 2017-04-28 06:35:23 +0200

dk5ras gravatar image

Clusters are smaller groups of repeaters in one geographical area. Depending on the area of the world you're in they are on TS2/TG8 or TG2, and the cluster option is meant to attach a repeater to such a cluster. Usually the sysop of your master should be able to assist in setting this up, and he should do the coordination of the cluster groups.

Ralph, dk5ras.

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When would i want to build a cluster and why? wouldn't the repeaters just join the same TG? or is this not for linking? will the cluster control all the repeaters at the same time. I'm sorry im not understanding the cluster. I have 5 repeater on the BM system. Thanks for all the help

kb0qnk gravatar imagekb0qnk ( 2018-02-24 14:33:42 +0200 )edit

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