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Is there a timout timer for connections to talkgroups on the BM network now? [closed]

asked 2017-02-23 14:12:39 +0200

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I just noticed my Openspot dropping a connection to TAC 3 (8953) after a certain amount of time. I noticed a conversation going on but it was not coming through my Openspot. I had to key up the TG again to re-establish the link. So after listening for a certain amount of time, the link to the TG seems to be getting dropped so you will no longer hear any activity there even if there is a conversation going on. Is there a setting for this somewhere? Never had this problem before until just recently. Others have reported the same thing. My Openspot used to always stay connected to a TG until I disconnected it. I could listen all day long, shut it off and power it up the next morning and it would still be connected to the same TG I was on last. Not anymore. I know I could set up a static TG in BM Selfcare, but that makes it awkward if you are talking on a different TG and then there is activity on the static TG.

Just curious if anyone has experienced the same thing and if there is a simple setting somewhere to extend your connection time to a TG?

Rick N1IRL

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answered 2017-02-24 13:12:35 +0200

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Install the OpenSpot Beta Firmware V0102


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