Using Motorola GTX900 Mobiles to make a homebrew repeater?

asked 2017-02-23 06:52:36 +0200

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Just don't know if it has all the right connections on the accessory plug.

Any thoughts?

Motorola GTX 900

Pin Number Description

Motorola GTX 900

Pin Number Description 1 External Speaker- 2 External Mic Audio 3 External PTT 4 External Alarm 5 Flat TX Audio 6 SCI Data In 7 Ground 8 SCI Data Out 9 Emergency Switch 10 Ignition (+12V to turn on radio) 11 Flat RX Audio 12 General Purpose I/O 13 Internal Speaker or Ground or Sw +12V (see below) 14 Hook Switch 15 RSSI Buffered 16 External Speaker+

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