The most important part of Carpet Cleaning

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Managing and preventing Dirt<body>link awaiting moderation</body>

Outside Dirt Control

Managing the cleanliness of your carpet starts with outside areas where most of the dirt comes from.

Keeping the outside areas close to the home clean minimizes the amount of dirt which comes inside. It is good to keep outside walkways, decking, parking spaces and driveways free of soil, leaves and other dirt. High-pressure cleaning of outside paving or concrete spaces also helps to reduce the number of abrasive particles and other dirt from being tracked onto the carpeted areas.

Entrance Mats

Dirt picked up on shoes and brought onto carpeted areas can be avoided by placing mats at all entrances to your property. This puts in place a bit of a "barrier system" stopping unnecessary soiling of your carpets. It is a good idea to have mats on the interior as well as the exterior. The outside mats are good for the scraping or removing the larger particles and muddy water from shoes. These mats should ideally be designed in such a way to allow the particles to fall away from the surface so as more traffic comes in, the dirt left on the mat before is not then transferred inside. Mats with a grid-like construction can be good for this. Interior mats should be more like carpet - both in texture and appearance. This aids the removal of any remaining moisture and dirt that the outside mat did not pick up. When it is raining and there is a lot of moisture and possibly mud outside, as often the case during Melbourne winters when the ground seldom seems to dry fully, having additional interior mats could be a good idea. The more mats you have in place, both on the inside as well as the outside. (The more dirt and moisture is removed as people come into the building.)

It may also be worth having mats in other places in the home other than the entrances. An example of this could be at the door leading from the kitchen, especially when there is grime buildup on your kitchen floor.

Having mats in place keeps your carpets looking good for longer and can act to keep the maintenance of your carpets to a minimum which can save you money.

It is important to keep in mind that these mats should be cleaned on a regular basis depending on usage and the amount of dirt that they have picked up. If not done, dirt collected by the mats can then be transferred into the building defeating the purpose of having them there in the first place. You will probably find that more cleaning of mats is needed in the winter months when there is more rain.


The Importance of vacuuming is often underestimated.

When vacuuming, there are a few types of dirt that you are lifting. These include:

  • Large particles: Bits larger than a paper hole punch, such as leaves, paper clips, coins, hair clips and sweet wrappers ...
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