Why is the DMR-MARC Candian Alberta talkgroup 3026 in use on Brandmeister as a Canadian wide english talkgroup

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updated 2018-07-27 16:40:25 +0200

All the canadian dmr-marc repearter talkgroup lists show 3026 as Canada/Alberta. 3026 is also on the internationly coordinated list as Canada / Alberta

The canadian dmr-marc network was setup across Canada in 2013 with Canada Wide 302 and Provincial TG's 302x for the 10 calling zones by Can-TRBO. Brandmeister was linked to this network in 2015 as a guest.

Brandmeister is also listing 3027 as Canada Wide French (DMR-MARC Canada BC)

302 is a Canada Wide Permanent Talk Group and
3026 and 3027 are permanent within their province and on demand for the rest of Canada

Alberta 3026
British Columbia 3027
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