Call Sign incorrect in Brandmeister

asked 2018-07-22 02:27:51 +0200

K9JTV gravatar image

In May my call sign changed from KD9JTV to K9JTV (Vanity). I have submitted the request to get it changed in Brandmeister, and when I go to my Dashboard, it is correct, but when I transmit it shows up in Hoseline as my DMR ID, 1118314. If I download the Brandmeister Database (from <body>link awaiting moderation</body>) it still shows my old call sign associated with my DMR ID. I asked about this on the BM Facebook Group about three weeks ago and was told it would be corrected shortly after Hoseline was upgraded. It's now been a couple of weeks and it's still not fixed. Is there something else I need to do to get this corrected? I understand everything on BM is done by volunteers, so if it is still in the works, I understand. I just wanted to make sure it hadn't fallen through the cracks.

Thanks in advance, Jeff, K9JTV, DMR ID 1118314

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