Intermittent Drops

asked 2018-06-10 17:11:20 +0200

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I have a frustrating problem.

I have a local TG accessible from BM. I also have that TG connected to my Allstar Hub.

On a lot of occasions, I will hear someone start talking from the BM network side, they get a few words in and they drop audio. During that time, they are still being heard on the analog side.

My network is as follows: DMR Repeater connected to 311342 (Hytera 982) DMR Mobile set to 311342 with the vocoder interface on the back connected to Allstar node 45221. (Hytera 782)

I have listened to my repeater with different radios and still have same issue, yet when the drop occurs, I am still hearing the other person's audio on the analog side. This is telling me that the traffic is coming through BM, Out of my repeater, hitting the mobile, going through Allstar and hitting the analog machine. Yet, I am losing it direct from the DMR repeater to the DMR ht. The DMR mobile is hearing the traffic, but not my HT.

Could this be a hiccup with the signal quality to my DMR HT from the repeater and I am losing sync? Shouldn't the ht sync back up quickly and start hearing them again when I move around, or is it, once you lose sync, you are done for that transmission?

Chris WB4ULK

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