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Talkgroups Randomly Going Away [closed]

asked 2018-05-25 23:57:27 +0200

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I have a number of static talkgroups configured in BM and they appear on my hotspot.

  1. Is there a limit to the number of static groups one can set in BM?
  2. How does BM determine which talk group to send to my hotspot when multiple are active?
  3. Do all talk groups get replicated across all master servers?

From what I have been hearing on my radio, an active TG will talk for awhile and then the conversation will disappear. Other times, when multiple TGs are active, the end of transmission on one will immediately cause a jump to the next active (which I expect). The concerning thing to me is that is seems that TGs randomly just go away or appear at random. There is, of course, the one-sided conversations that I think we have all heard.

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answered 2018-05-31 04:24:51 +0200

short answer: (1) no (2) first one that has traffic coming (3) yes

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