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DMR ID 3100441

asked 2018-05-20 14:40:58 +0200

KC9LDJ gravatar image

Are new USA IDs being allowed on the system... I have had mine since May 14 after applying for a new one because of the old 1118348 not being allowed after May 1, 2018... Still waiting for activation... I can't join BM until the ID is linked to my callsign

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2 Answers

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answered 2018-05-21 03:18:03 +0200

KC9LDJ gravatar image

Ok seems that everything is working now...

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answered 2018-05-20 20:35:11 +0200

K4RS gravatar image

I am in exactly the same situation. I am really glad that Yaesu System Fusion does not require us to jump through hoops and beat our heads against the wall in frustration.


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Asked: 2018-05-20 14:40:58 +0200

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