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Dmr id valid?

asked 2018-04-03 16:24:48 +0200

Hi my dmr ID I was assumed by dmr Marc is 1134062. Does this follow the rules on country etc? I read somewhere that DMR IDs starting with 11 are not valid. Is this correct?

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answered 2018-04-03 17:03:27 +0200

At the bottom of the news article you can read: What does this mean: from May 1st we will stop importing new 1xxyyyy IDs from DMR-MARC. All existing IDs will continue functioning!!

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Thank you I guess I misunderstood it. I appreciate your response Mike

trailblazer555 gravatar imagetrailblazer555 ( 2018-04-03 21:54:02 +0200 )edit

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