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Why does my repeater keep disconnecting from brandmeister?

asked 2018-03-31 01:43:45 +0200

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My repeater, a Motorola XPR8300, keeps going offline from Brandmeister on an almost daily basis. I have to log in and reset the repeater connection to get things going again. The repeater number is 110661, AI6BX-Redlands. It is running firmware R02.40.20 and is connected to Master 3103.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

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answered 2018-04-02 02:50:31 +0200

AI6BX gravatar image

The repeater is located with another 8300 that is running in commercial frequencies as well as a uhf analog machine with an echoIrlp connection. The Internet link is provided with 5.8 ghz Ubiquiti equipment supporting a 72mbps link from my home approximately 2.5 miles away. When the subject machine loses connection, the other two still function fine. I have not yet set up a ping test but have moved from 3103 to 3102 only do drop the connection about 45 minutes later. Intererestingly enough I can still pull the repeater Gateway address from the SysOp screens at when the repeater is offline. I can try the gateway mentioned or also try the ping test.

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answered 2018-04-02 01:56:08 +0200

Can you give us an idea of your network topology for your repeater ?

Connecting to the same network connection as your repeater, can you run a constant PING to master 3103; and when your repeater disconnects check the history of this ping and see if by any chance you lost visibility of the master, or if the latency became very high.

Have you tried to connect to another master? If you are in north america west coast, 3341-MX is also not too far from you.

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