Motorola Transceivers Contact-List - HOW TO Update [closed]

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Motorola Transceivers Contact-List - HOW TO Update

this is a question I am hoping a few can share or advice or best practices for updating Motorola Transceivers Contact-List ???

I understand and have found, It is currently possible to use the 'Contacts Export" function found here:

You can select the range of talk groups and export to a CSV file which will show the last station a specific user was active on.

Copy and paste this out to the file you wish to import to your radio. which can only support a limited number of contacts.

I am hoping for something a little more automated or the shared advice for Motorola Transceivers Contact-List . . .


FORMALLY :: Motocontacts for : SL7550, XPR7550, XPR555 - XPR6550, XPR4550 ETC.

"_ " basic step-by-step here "_ "

Motorola Transceivers Contact-List - HOW TO Update

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