BrandMeister.hoseline time out - Options for listening 24/7 [closed]

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BrandMeister.hoseline time out - Options for listening 24/7 - perhaps (but not)

I am looking for options : When I am in the HAM SHACK, at times I want to listen to the BrandMeister.hoseline however after about 2 minutes of inactivity it times out as we all know.

so I have handhelds or mobile transceivers and resources being used. At times use bluetooth tether on the SL7550 or bluetooth tether to the XPR5550.

My question what are some innovative ways to listen to hoseline so it does not time out inactivity.

Example :: I have been using a Raspberry Pi3 (low power) is connect to a bluetooth speaker using a reflector. I started to use reflectors as in the "4" code 4326 to listen. Because as we know reflectors instead of talkgroups does not time out "correct".

What are some other options ???

** I have also check the "scanner" hoseline interface option

** hotspot/transceiver - static talkgroup : 91,3100,310


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