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New account problem [closed]

asked 2018-02-26 10:01:44 +0200

ea8dgl gravatar image

updated 2018-02-26 10:06:37 +0200


I have a 'weird' problem since my EA8DGL callsign already has a registered account and it was not me. I have tried to register using my DMR-IR as an callsign but I have not received validation of the account.

The worst thing is that I can not access any master on the network,(e.g. 2141) with my DMR-IR 2148107 either.

I am using a hotspot hs_hat fw ver 1.3.3 with pi-star and mmdvm lastest version.

Thanks and best regards.

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answered 2018-02-26 13:02:28 +0200

dk5ras gravatar image

Is your email address something with margasam, and the registered name Ejbs? There is an account to this callsign from 2018-01-26.

With best regards

Ralph, dk5ras.

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My registered name is Ejbs, but the email is <body>link awaiting moderation</body> so someone registered an account with my callsign using another email: -O.And for some reason my dmr-id 2148107 is not accepted on the brandmeister network ... Thank you very much.

ea8dgl gravatar imageea8dgl ( 2018-02-26 13:33:38 +0200 )edit

Hi, fixed by 241 admins. Thanks.

ea8dgl gravatar imageea8dgl ( 2018-02-26 18:09:05 +0200 )edit

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