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How can I Monitor Only using BlueStack/DVMega (Dont own a DMR Txvr yet, just DMR Rxvr) [closed]

asked 2017-01-25 01:39:52 +0200

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updated 2017-01-25 02:22:34 +0200

I had a DVMega RPI, but I switched over to DVMega/Bluestack setup and it works great for everything except DMR. I dont think its a malfunction, I just dont have a DMR Txvr yet, so Im unable to Key-up (PTT) a talkgroup.

I understand I need a Rxvr in order to monitor the Bluestacks/DVMega's Tx, which I do have a BCD436 scanner that is DMR upgraded, so for now Im RX only.

Im wondering if I can assign a talkgroup via online thru a web browser?

Ive assigned myself to US 3108 BM Master Server (since Im in Michigan/but Ive also tried every other, as well) in the BlueDV software AND Ive gone online to BM and setup an account, followed by going to the "My Hotspots" page and I see an area to assign a static TG, for which Ive tried to select and/or enter TG 3100 (among many others) but it doesnt do anything. It doesnt even show me an error notification, unless I enter in a Dynamic (PTT assigned) TG then it shows an error.


Ok, so I know I just posted this, but immediately after I posted this I went back to the BM webpage "My Hotspots" where I tried entering 3100 in the Static TG field again and as expected; still Nothing.

After that, I clicked on my callsign, N8TIP, in the SysOp field, and it went to my profile.

BUT HERES THE PART THATS INTERESTING, STRANGE, AND YET TO HAVE HAPPENED BEFORE NOW: I hit the Back button to go back to My Hotspots page and for the slightest of moments (<1sec), I saw a glimse of the same page BUT it had more than just the SysOp field and the Enter Static Talkgroup field.

I timed it well enough, the sceond time I did it, to get a screenshot before it dissapeared.

What is shows is a field, directly below the SysOp feild, to SET an ACTIVE REFLECTOR. Below that are 2 fields; one for DEFAULT REFLECTOR and REFLECTOR TIMEOUT, which can be SET, as well!

My Screenshot only showed that much so Im unsure if their was more below that, but what Im trying to figure out is why isnt this page content available to me???

Ive been approved by the BM Admin and all that!

I know its the parameters Im looking to set and use but its not available.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, as Im still a few months from being able to afford a DMR Txvr (even as cheap as some are).

Thank you for reading thru this long message, even if you arent able to help.

Ive tried and tried and scoured the internet for answers, all to no avail, so I hope I find the right folks to help me here!

Good day to you all!

Josh N8TIP

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answered 2017-01-27 13:08:30 +0200

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updated 2017-01-27 13:16:41 +0200

I knew this wasn't a main stream type of question but dang...

Anyway, I appreciate anyone that read it. I know it was long.

So, some good news; I got it to work... Up to this point, I had only been using my web browser on my phone (Android 5.0), but earlier today I had some college coursework to do, which has to be done on PC. It was only pure randomness that I thought to log on the branmeister webpage and give the same methods, in my post, a try.

Well, I still didn't see any area for ACTIVE REPEATER, etc (as mentioned in my original posts, EDIT POST section) however, the STATIC TG field was there, so I entered in 3100 again and IT WORKED! (along with 310 and others, etc).

Now I'm monitoring morning drive traffic!

Not sure why it wouldnt accept my entries on my phone browser? I'm sorry I didn't think to try sorting my issue on multiple platforms before posting. I just don't use much other than my phone anymore, except for school work.

Anyway, I REALLY WANT TO THANK BRANMEISTER FOR HAVING THE FORETHOUGHT TO ADD THIS FEATURE, OF ENTERING TGs VIA WEB! Now I can monitor for a month or so til I'm able to buy a MD380 or something.

So, I'll call this a wrap and close this out!

Good Day

Josh N8TIP

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