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What does TS agnostic mean to a codeplug

asked 2018-01-17 18:47:16 +0200

New DMR/Brandmeister user here. Our area has a new repeater connected to Brandmeister. From my readings it appears that Brandmeister talkgroups are essentially time slot agnostic. So what does this mean to programming the TS in my Radioddity GD-77 CodePlug. Do I put 1 or 2 in for the TG's? It seems to me reflectors are TG2 and all other TG1. Is that correct?

Larry VE7EA

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answered 2018-02-04 10:13:46 +0200

Hello Larry,

In BrandMeister the talkgroups are "TimeSlot agnostic". This means that the repeater will accept your transmission for a talkgroup whether you transmit on TimeSlot-1 or TimeSlot-2.

Same thing on the party who communicates with you at the other end, whether they are on the same master server or another one: they will be able to communicate with you whether they use Timeslot-1 or TimeSlot-2 on their local repeater.

BrandMeister doesn't care which TimeSlot a TalkGroup is being used on. It will remember what you use and route back to you. This differs from other DMR Networks (c-Brige based, or DMR+ for example) where talkgroups need to be assigned a timeslot to operate on.

There is only one talkgroup that must be used on a particular talkgroup, and that's TalkGroup 9 on TimeSlot-2 to use reflectors. It has been designed this way for backward compatibility with people used to DMR+ functionning that way.

Let us know if you have any further questions!


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