Hytera RD982 repeater. No inbound traffic

asked 2018-01-14 04:50:28 +0100

WB4ULK gravatar image

I have a new RD 982 Firmware v 8.04 I have tried for several days to get it working correctly. It is connected to BM and my local traffic goes out over the internet.

Network traffic only comes back when I activate a TG while someone is talking. When they finish talking. The TG never keys the repeater again.

I have confirmed my UDP Port settings. 50000 for the master 50001 for Audio 50002 for RDACS.

The ports are right because I can get traffic sometimes.

I have even tried the Tellus service on the network and still get the same behavior.

I was on a cellular connection and moved over to a hardline connection. (Still DHCP though)

It seems as though the repeater is refusing outside request for COS.

Has anyone else had this problem or used this firmware?

My next move will be to try rolling back to a firmware listed on the BM site. Maybe its a firmware issue.

Any thoughts?

Chris WB4ULK

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