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Is it possible to exclude a talkgroup?

asked 2017-11-13 20:11:07 +0200

WB8LEA gravatar image

I would like to prohibit users from dynamically linking to certain talkgroups. Is there an "exclude" list for dynamic talkgroups?

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Thank you for your question. I appreciate your topic. In times where the traffic load on DMR Repeaters is growing I believe that repeater sysops need to be able manage the traffic on their repeaters. Although I would rather prefer a white-list instead of a black-list.

dd5ki gravatar imagedd5ki ( 2017-11-19 13:06:11 +0200 )edit

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answered 2017-12-14 10:50:58 +0200

dd5ki gravatar image

Thank you for your answer. Yes I do think that offering a uniform experience is a high value.

A year ago I had switched my repeaters to the BM DMR Network. Now in times in which the number of new DMR Users is rapidly growing, we are facing a trend in which repeaters are fully loaded with QSOs on TS1 and TS2. This prevents local users to use their repeater for local and more regional use. We are trying to ask the users to use TS1 and TAC talkgroups for longer chats. Also we try to ask users to let TS2 free for local and more regional traffic. But unfortunately not all understand what to do, or do not realize the issue. Therefore I appreciate your statement that reflects the needs of repeater owners to manage certain talkgroups in a custom configuration.

A few days before your answer I have contacted one of the German BM administration team members on phone. He let me know that there is no technical way to prevent certain talkgroups on a dedicated timeslot.

Users and me would like to have TS2 only for static talkgroups which are configured on the repeater, and dynamic talkgroups on TS2 only which are listed in a white-list. This would help to have the repeaters TS2 free and available for local an more regional usage.

Do you think this wish could be implemented in a custom configuration? 73!

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answered 2017-12-09 11:47:04 +0200


Thank you for your question. The BrandMeister DMR network has been built with the intent of offering a uniform experience, allowing users to use the same talkgroups on every BrandMeister repeaters. This is why there are no feature in the repeater selfcare to disallow talkgroups, and there will never be.

We do however understand that in some particular circumstances, a repeater owner might need to prevent the usage of certain talkgroup(s). In this case we invite you to contact the administrator of the BrandMeister master server your have chosen to connect your repeater to, and request custom configuration to be added for your repeater. Once this is done, we ask you to update the description of your repeater to reflect the restrictions that were applied; so that users understand why certain things are not working on this repeater.


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