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How To Reset My DMR ID

asked 2017-11-11 03:41:53 +0200

Mikeone gravatar image

Hello to BM Group Wanted to Know How to Reset My DMR ID: 3142401 so that it is not connected to anything. Also it is connected to something and cannot get out of it and my dmr id dissappeard from thin air.. Maybe someone from the team could explain it to me what went wrong...

Mike KB2itr


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answered 2017-12-09 11:51:09 +0200

Hello Mike. I would like to help you, but let me make sure I understand your issue. In looking at the DMR MARC Query tool, I can see the DMR ID 3142401 has been assigned to your callsign:

3142401 KB2ITR Michael Pennsylvania United States

This ID is only "connected to" your callsign. Once you configure it in your DMR Radio, this ID will allow you to use and be identified on the BrandMeister DMR network

Please let us know if you are experiencing any issue.


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Asked: 2017-11-11 03:41:53 +0200

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