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SSID and static groups

asked 2017-10-29 22:11:35 +0200

Static groups being sent to both openSpots. I have two openSPOT using SSID's.

nnnnnnn43 static groups defined on SSID 43 show up on SSID 51 nnnnnnn51

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answered 2017-12-06 11:07:43 +0200

Hello. I noticed you haven't received any response to your question and would like to assist. Would you mind re-phrasing the issue that you are experiencing ? You might want to describe the end goal you are trying to achieve, each steps you are taking, and problem occurs. If you could also provide specific examples, it would be most helpful. Thanks!

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Asked: 2017-10-29 22:11:35 +0200

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