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Link BM TG and YSF reflector

asked 2017-10-23 18:30:45 +0200

hk4km gravatar image

Hello. I would like to link my BM TG to my YSF reflector. Appreciate any help, links, etc., to do this. My TG is 7324 and my YSF reflector is CO hk4km.

Thanks in advance Guillermo - HK4KM

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answered 2017-12-05 02:00:45 +0200

LU8EUT gravatar image

Hi, I´m LU8EUT Roberto from Argentina. I want to make a bridge between YSF ARGENTINA and TG 7227, but we don't have a master. Igor, from Brazil, have a master but his MCC is 724. Can he make the bridge for me? Can he manage two MCC? By the way, can he make another bridge from 7227 to XLX150? Thanks in advance. 73s de Roberto LU8EUT

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answered 2017-10-24 02:08:26 +0200

Hello Guillermo! Thank you for posting your question on the BrandMeister Ask!

You already have a YSF reflector, and now you want to interconnect it with a Brandmeister Talkgroup. To achieve this, one of the BrandMeister Master Servers needs to connect to your YSF Reflector and map it with a BrandMeister talkgroup (let's say for example talkgroup 1234).

This means that any conversation on the YSF side will be heard by the master server and sent onto BrandMeister Talkgroup#1234. And the master will also send any traffic on the BrandMeister Talkgroup#1234 to the YSF.

Here is an example of of BrandMeister master server 2082 that has such connections:

Your next step is to contact the administrator of a BrandMeister server to make that connection, preferably close to the physical location where your YSF reflector is being hosted for the lowest latency. I am guessing this will be Panama I already sent a message to K4LCT for you, but please feel free to contact him directly.

73's !

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