auto static hangs

asked 2017-09-28 19:55:23 +0200

dl2sdg gravatar image

I'm using a Hotspot: DVMega with Raspberry PI 3B. First I used Easy BM light, then an image created by KB5RAB. I updated Linux, mmdvmhost and the dashboard. My DVMega firmware ist 3.14.

Sometimes (about once per week), auto static takgroup hangs! At the moment for example, auto static ist set to 262. I talked on 26270 and to 91. Both opend as dynamic, but autostatic is still set to 262 and is disturbing my reception of the other Talkgroups!

If I reboot mmdvmhost, it works!

What's wrong here? Nobody else seems to have this problem? Is my hardware defective?

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