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TX's not being logged [closed]

asked 2017-09-14 09:24:47 +0200

F4VSE gravatar image

Hello, I'm experiencing a very weird issue.

For information: - TYT MD380 UHF - MD380Tools Firmware - Registered to Selfcare - MMDVM Based Repeater (F0DEI Board) - I'm the only SYSOP for the repeater. - Connected to French master (2082)

The problem is that only 1 in 3 keyups will show up on the BrandMeister Dashboard (must of the TX's not being logged), the repeater logs check out, no problem, in Hoseline everything is fine too. No voice or data loss (Contacts are made without problems) Tested with several others members and can't replicate the same issue (Same model, same firmware, same codeplug and repeater). All points to a Dashboard problem, not sure if it's related to being the sysop, or something with the Selfcare or even the account.

Thanks, Francisco - F4VSE

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answered 2017-12-08 12:56:54 +0200

Hello Francisco. Can you please give it another try now and see if you experience the same issues ? Thanks!

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